Brand Name Development

This is where we will workshop together to generate the best possible brand name for your target audience.

What you’ll walk away with:

Exercises to help generate the potential meaning of the name.

– Worksheets to generate names that will attract your ideal audience.

– Multiple relevant name options.

Ideal for:
– If you have the idea but just not the name.
– If you are looking to rebrand your business.

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Consultancy Package

In this bespoke package, we identify the best way to help you turn your brand into your full-time job. We identify your goals, establish if they are achievable and realistic, then create action plans to help you achieve this. We look into the day to day runnings of your brand and figure out how to make it more enjoyable and system orientated.

If you are finding yourself a bit all over the shop, not sure which hat to wear, this is perfect for you. This package includes regular check-ins. Having these calls every three/four weeks will ensure you stay focused and on top of everything. After each call, you have takeaways that you need to work on before the next session.

What you’ll get:

– 6 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions / check-ins

– Systems to help make your day to day more structured

– What you’ll walk away with:

– Clarity

– How to monetize your brand

– A process for day to day decision making

– Vision

– Action Plans

Ideal for:
If you struggle with the lack of structure for working for yourself and those who are spending more time doing what they don’t enjoy doing.

The beauty of this package is that we can go over whatever you feel you need the most help with. Previously, this has been everything from creating SMART goals to selecting which global stockists are the best to approach, to design reviews.

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3-hour Internal Brand Workshop

In this deep dive Internal Brand session, we will go into detail to help you identify the right foundations for your company to move forward with. By doing the work and knowing all there is to know about your brand, you are giving it the best chance for success.

Our experience shows that founders and their staff, all have a ‘rough’ idea of what they want from the company but until you do the work, you are always going to be pulling in different directions. This works best when all of the relevant stakeholders are involved in this entire process. There is room for discussion and a fair process for decision making. I’ve run this workshop with groups of over 5 and also with sole traders. So it is very flexible.

This strategy session will make big decisions you have to face later on, much easier. It will save future you, a lot of potential aches and pains.

What you’ll walk away with:

– A clear protocol for your brand voice

– Your future and where you want to be in this time (1 – 15 years)

– Finding your why, what and how

– Personality, attitude and style of the brand If you were a person, where would you hang out? How would you talk? What would you wear?

– Your competitors and what they are doing

– Your ideal customers

– Your company values

– A nicely designed brand book, outlining the above. This is great to share with future investors and employees.

Ideal for:
If you started your brand as a side project but after some early success, want to implement some proper foundations, to help grow the business more.
Or those who are just starting out but wanting to do it properly.

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Brand Strategy Package

No more stuffing around. Let’s do this properly. If you want to take your brand from sitting in the bleachers to sitting courtside with Jay Z, this is how we do it.

How you talk about your favourite brands is how your new customers will be talking about you after this.

What you’ll walk away with:

– Clarity in your Internal brand (vision, purpose, mission, values)

– Proper positioning to help attract your dream customer.

– A personality that suits your brand and will be used to attract the right customers.

– Core Messaging framework. Gone are the days of not knowing what to post and what to say on social media.

– A logo that is going to represent all of the above. Don’t get a logo designed just off what you think you like. Design a logo that truly represents every essence of your brand.

We will collaborate on everything and together turn your label into a must-have brand.

Ideal for:
If you are wanting to turn your label from a part-time hobby into your only job.
If your brand is 2-5 years old and it’s needed to be refreshed.
This package also works well for those influencers with a large following wanting to monetize this.

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Free 40-min Consultation

I’d love to hear more about your project and help to answer any of your burning questions on this call. We can talk high-level strategy or specific problems. My goal with this call is to make sure it’s beneficial for you. Feel free to pick my brain in this 40 minutes.

This is not and will not be a sales call. We will talk about whatever parts of your business you wish to.

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