McDowells Streetwear Brand of The Week

McDowells Brand Interview

A Streetwear brand interview with LA based legend, McDowells.

A District 5ive Spotlight.

The first of my ‘Brand of the Week’ series.

What better way to start than with my guy, McDowells Brand (@mcdowellsbrand)

I’m constantly talking to new brands, so this is my chance to showcase them and spread the word of good people doing good things.
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Jimmy is one of the real ones and deserves all the best!

If you follow @LeagueFits, you know that PJ Tucker is the GOAT of the tunnel. He’s the most stylish in the league without a doubt. When your brand is less than two years old and
PJ Tucker decides to wear your product in the tunnel, you know you are onto something.

That something is McDowells. I had a chat with the founder, Jimmy to hear more about it.

Where did it all come from and start? What got you doing this?

“I’ve always been into shoes and clothes since middle school. My first job was at footlocker, So I’ve always been in that world.

My fiancé actually asked me if you were to open a physical shop tomorrow, what would it be?

I said ‘vintage clothes’ at the time but then I found myself getting more excited about the clothes I would design to sell instead of the thought of going to the bins to score clothes

etc. Kinda morphed from there into

a clothing brand.

I had a few ideas which have always been in my mind, like the 23 socks and the Jordan vs Kobe shirt.. so I worked on them and
here we are.”

You’ve got PJ Tucker wearing your clothing, who is the next

for the dream person to be wearing McDowells?

“PJ’s the man for the NBA, so I don’t really have anyone else in the league. Obviously, there are guys I’d love to see wearing my stuff but it’s not as much of a dream as it is seeing PJ wear it. I’ve looked up to

Kanye in a lot of ways for a long

time. I don’t think that will happen but that would probably be the one that would make me lose my mind.
Frank Ocean would probably be my second one.”

What does the future hold for McDowells?

“I’m not the kinda person to make 5-10 year plans because things can change quickly and I’m not trying to sit here and schedule out the rest of my life. I’m just taking it day by day and loving my life right now. I’m trying to keep growing the company at a

pretty slow rate so it’s sustainable.

And just go from there. Obviously, I’ve thought about having stores in some cool places, LA, Tokyo, New York and stuff

at some point in my life but I don’t even know if I want to get to the point where I want it to get that big, so just taking it day by day.”

Game of 1 vs 1, MJ vs Kobe?

“Ahh man.. It’s gotta be Mike.. but if you are winning by 2, it’s going to be 45-43 or something ridiculous. Mike would

squeeze it out though.”

Dream Collaboration for McDowells?

“Stussy and Nike would be the two. If you get to bust open some Nike stuff from a long time ago, that’s the dream right there.”

Favourite brands out there, that we should know about?

“Aime is always so clean and professional with their imagery and everything feels elevated yet vintage.

Stussy just has something OG about their appearance. like they’re not trying too hard. Effortlessly cool.

Metalwood is also so effortlessly

cool. Never trying too hard, kind of

grimy in the coolest way possible.

Eric Emanuel is very clean and basic and the EE logo is timeless.”

Do you have any advice for up and coming brands?

“I heard a podcast with the founder of Patagonia and he said “All of the decisions he makes for his brand, he’s thinking about the brand in 40 years and not in 40 days”. A lot of brands seem to be thinking, how much money can I make, how can I make a quick buck, so just thinking about it in long term. Thinking 40 years ahead and

what’s going to be best for your

brands legacy. You’re not going to miss a couple of thousand dollars here and there and that’s the stuff that matters.”

Jimmy is truly one of the nicest and most humble guys in the industry. His love for hoops and his passion for making the best possible clothing, is unmatched.

Big things are coming to McDowells!

Thanks for taking the time to chat Jimmy.

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